October 11, 2007 – First bug reports
Shame on me! In only one day, I have received 15 bug reports related to the v2.0 pre-alpha code! Most of them concentrate around the protection violation at address 477AC3 (a more or less obvious bug), but there are also other crashes reported. What should I say? Thank you! Without your steady help, OllyDbg 1.10 would never reach its actual quality. Hopefully, in some time second version will reach at least the same standards… Anyway, in the couple of weeks there will be update here. And – thank you again! Please keep it this way!

October 09, 2007 – Pre-alpha version
The child is big enough to show it to the public, so download this and have a look. Is this version functional? Yes. Is it better than 1.10? Definitely not. Is it better than v1.00? In some aspects – maybe, but in general – no. Can you use it for debugging? Yes, but you will miss many, many features… So please don’t be too critical and send me no emails – this version is not even a full-featured alpha, and will change dramatically in the next several weeks or monthes. But in the case that OllyDbg will crash and generate errorlog.txt, be kind and do send me this file – I will need it for debugging. And now – enjoy!