Project Ne10在iPhone 4S上的试验结果

Project Ne10:
是由ARM官方人员创建并维护的一套基于neon SIMD指令集的优化函数库,可以用于提高多媒体,信号处理等计算的速度(类似于Intel的MMX和AMD的3D NOW!)。其实这个也是由于ARM意识到了现在很少会有iOS或Android等这些热门平台开发人员会去使用汇编优化的问题,才建立了这个开源项目。想想当初上学时学数字图像处理做算法,发现用MMX可以提高算法速度,然后吭哧了半天MMX的各种寄存器,指令集,然后很欢喜的看到提高了几十ms的速度后,那个欢乐啊,现在的程序猿真是幸福!
git clone了项目在Mac上用Xcode Version 5.0 (5A1413)试验一下,记录一下在我的iPhone 4S上的试验结果:
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October 11, 2007 – First bug reports
Shame on me! In only one day, I have received 15 bug reports related to the v2.0 pre-alpha code! Most of them concentrate around the protection violation at address 477AC3 (a more or less obvious bug), but there are also other crashes reported. What should I say? Thank you! Without your steady help, OllyDbg 1.10 would never reach its actual quality. Hopefully, in some time second version will reach at least the same standards… Anyway, in the couple of weeks there will be update here. And – thank you again! Please keep it this way!

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